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Chase's Avenger's Birthday Party

This year Chase turned 4 and to our surprise he requested a super hero birthday party rather than a traditional water park getaway. For most parents planning a birthday party can become very overwhelming in my case I turned to the internet where I was lucky enough to find articles that help me save money and time.

I began by choosing a theme and a budget while keeping in mind that FUN was the objective for Chase and his friends. I divided the event into four categories decor, food, entertainment and, party bags. And Yep I said Party Bags LOL.


For the past few months walking around my home has been a mission trying to avoid stepping on all sorts of Avenger figures. With that being said it was no surprise to me when Chase requested a super hero themed birthday party and with that I knew exactly who to reach, Blooming Party Designs NY

I was able to discuss my vision by sending images of what I imagined the decor to be and Adriana was able to draw a mock-up before the event day.

The colors along with the four selected avengers (Captain America, Hulk, Spider Man and Iron Man) tied in perfectly with the super hero back drop. The different pedestals levels were ideal for displaying the beautiful cake and party bags. In past events sweets such as cupcakes and cookies went to waste with my guests therefore I knew it was something I didn't want to have at this event. One thing I wish I did have was a tent for the decor since some of the balloons popped after the sun began to shine directly on them.


Although I was not able to take any photos of the food itself I decided to keep it light and fresh by ordering Grilled chicken wraps, Grilled skirt steak wraps, Bruschetta's and Cheese pizza from Enzo's Pizza Restaurant in Queens New York.

Along with that I made a Berry Balsamic Salad with fresh berries and greens great for a hot summer day.


Water Jug (Five and below $5.00)

The Cake was epic LITERALLY! The minute I knew I was having a party I knew I had to go with my girl Iva's Sweet Parlour in Queens NY.

The cake was a masterpiece, too cute to even eat but worth the wait (singing happy birthday in two languages, Hispanic people problems). 6" tall Vanilla moist cake with a crunchy Nutella filling which was over the top and was the talk of the night.


I opted out on hiring entertainment instead I went ahead and purchased $50 worth of Bunch O Balloons and with 700 water balloons the kids had such a blast wetting each other and running around.

We also had the kids play pin the A on Captain America which was a great way to involve the older kids in helping out guiding the younger ones while playing.

Party bags:

So party bags and sweets needed a category of its own only because as a child I remember birthday parties meant a candy overload and I was always looking forward to the goody bags. Its very disappointing to go to a birthday party only to find out that the party bags are not loaded with my favorite candies. I made sure those bags were fit for super hero and any parents biggest nightmare (wahahahah- evil laugh). I loaded them up with all sorts of candies, toys and trinkets for kids of all ages.

Planing any event takes time and patience. It is important to give yourself 3-6 months when planing an event of any size. This gives you plenty of time to research, compare prices and the ability for DIY projects. I was able to cut back on areas such as invitations where I used Evite and created a digital one for free also buying juices, waters, plates and cups whole sale at places like Bj's, Same Club or Costco. Take the help if and when it's offered, if family and friends offer to help by preparing food and bringing drinks never turn that down. at the end of the day the mission is to make you little ones happy and making their birthday a memorable one.

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