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Noche Buena Ham

Noche buena dinner is one to look forward to every year. Growing up the spread consisted of Moro de guandules, ensalada rusa, pernil asado, green salad and a traditional baked ham. In this recipe I kept the dish traditional but also added a modern and citrusy twist.

When making ham for the holidays I want a quick recipe with excellent results so I go for a cooked spiral cut ham. All the work has been done already all I have to do is put together a glaze and bake the ham to perfection.

For the citrus glaze I use oranges in all the ways possible. I zest and Juice it and also use orange marmalade, it can’t get any more orange than that. I also use fresh garlic cloves, light brown sugar, Dijon mustard and whole cloves to add depths of flavor. Blending it all together in a food processor takes minutes. Except for the whole cloves which I pierce into the ham for a pretty presentation. After glazing the ham and baking for one hour and a half the ham is ready to enjoy and is a star dish.


10 lbs spiral cooked ham

1/4 cup orange juice

6 garlic cloves

1/3 cup Dijon mustard

10 oz orange marmalade

2/3 cup light brown sugar

1 tbsp orange zest

1 tbsp whole cloves


10 libras de jamón cocido en espiral

1/4 taza de jugo de naranja

6 dientes de ajo

1/3 taza de mostaza de Dijon

10 oz de mermelada de naranja

2/3 taza de azúcar morena clara

1 cucharada de ralladura de naranja

1 cucharada de clavo de olor entero

Watch me make it:

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